About Us

Gene Gray and King JJ here. No Chill was born from a dart game that King JJ created at Delaware State University. He created this game as an ice-breaker for our new lady friends in the dorm. The game included dares, truths, deep questions, and a category called "Anything Goes". "Anything Goes" was literally what it sounds like. The player that lands on "Anything Goes" with the dart has to do an action or answer a question that the other player says. 

We started to create that game but soon discovered it would be rather hard to scale because it's just a dart board & darts. We switched our mindset into creating a card game that is similar instead. That is when No Chill was born. This game was made so that if you don't want to play with the wild cards or a particular category then you can just take them out and play that way. But the real way was made to break the touch barrier, increase the sexual energy in the room, & find out how wild your friend group really is. Our mission is to make life a little bit more enjoyable 1 game night at a time. This is why on every box of No Chill there is a QR code. This code gives you early access to random drops of merch & private events such as slumber parties, pool parties, and more to come

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